by Nino Orjonikidze and Vano Arsenishvili

GEORGIA, Germany - 2019 - 90 MINUTES


People are working hard to extend the railway in a remote Georgian mountain village. When they're done, the new Silk Road Express will pass through here. But before this high-speed connection between China and Europe can go anywhere, a tunnel has to be dug - a tunnel that crosses a mountain where the villagers have their fields and pastures. In his office at the station, a former station master prepares for his role in the future, when many more trains will pass through the station.
There are promises of prosperity and progress, but in the dreamy atmosphere of the fairytale village, the arrival of the express train looks more like a nightmare. The roar of the mountain coming closer and closer, the villagers watch helplessly as the ground fractures and crumbles. Uncertainty is growing, as no one knows whether the houses are going to have to be demolished or not.
Language and communication problems between Georgian and Chinese workers lead to fierce disputes, and ultimately a tense strike. The stunning disengaged shots perfectly reflect the surreal atmosphere of a changing world order.



Artifact Production

Ventana-Film GmbH




Not specified


2020 : DOK.FEST Internationales Dokumentarfilmfestival München - Munich (Germany) - Horizonte Competition

2019 : IDFA - International Documentary Festival Amsterdam - Amsterdam (Netherlands) - Premier Film Competition

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