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Since 2007, LuFilms has produced creative documentaries that are broadcast internationally in association with producers and broadcasters around the world. These films tackle major issues and are produced by filmmakers from various countries, with the ambition of reaching a variety of audiences. The company supports experienced directors but also beginners with whom it shares a look at the documentary, both in terms of the subjects covered and the strength of the writing. For a few years now, LuFilms has decided to produce films giving a voice to women both in the choice of characters and of filmmakers. Documentaries like Waiting for Papa by Mari Gulbiani or Margaret Garner by Mustapha Hasnaoui offer an original look at our world. LuFilms also produces projects in the artistic field such as Ciné Venezia by Vilma Labate, Charlotte Salomon by Franz Weisz or David Bailey by Jérôme de Missolz. LuFilms wishes to continue its exploration of new formats for new media. The company develops projects for the web, driven by the implementation of relevant interactive interfaces: non-linear narration, systems allowing web viewers to access more editorial or visual content on all screens.

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