Real Productions

92 rue des Postes - 59000 Lille (FRANCE)


01 40 35 55 00

A film and television production company, Real Productions was founded in 1990 by Bruno Florentin. We produce films in which the author's point of view is affirmed and developed, and we tackle subjects that allow us to decipher the challenges of the contemporary world, question history, enhance cultures or bring a unique perspective. We also produce documentary series, web series, short fiction series and corporate films. Real Productions is located in Lille, Strasbourg and Paris. This territorial anchoring allows us to bring out young talents and to work with authors and directors in partnership with regional, national and international broadcasters. We are committed to developing our activity internationally in collaboration with foreign producers. Real Productions is a member of EDN (European Documentary Network), of APIMED (Association of Mediterranean Producers), of DOC MONDE (International Platform for Development and Cooperation for Creative Documentary Films), of SPI (Syndicate of Independent Producers) , RHIZOM (Association des Producteurs en Hauts-de-France), APAGE (Association des Producteurs du Grand Est) and PROCIREP (Society of Cinema and Television Producers).

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