Taboo Production

Niamey (Niger)


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Our curiosity about the world pushes us to seek contacts, artistic and professional partnerships from all horizons, allowing a richer representation of people, things, events, while opening up new spaces for reflection. Our thirst for encounters, and access to very different universes which affect understanding of the world, enrich our image culture and promote the development of an original editorial line, which knows how to take into account the new expectations of the public . TABOUS PRODUCTION, deals with the unspoken of our societies, the so-called “sacred” subjects or sensitive themes, which speak of humans and humanity.

Our goal is to bring together authors, directors, artists and technicians to develop original projects with them.

Based in Niamey, we have access to an international network of all links in the cinema.

From idea to film, we support authors who dare to venture out ...

Creativity, commitment, madness, casualness are some of the qualifiers of Tabou Production

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