119421, Novatorov, 36 / 3-171, Moscow (Russia)


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The Ethnogeographic Research Foundation (Ethnofund) was founded in 2000. The main activity of the company is the production of documentaries and television programs. CEO and producer - Vlad Ketkovich. Since 2005, Ethnofund has produced more than 20 documentaries (some with Russian state support), which are broadcast on Russian and international TV channels. Ethnofund has participated and won many awards and diplomas in different FFIs. Since 2010 Ethnofund has worked with foreign partners and co-produced internationally. The aim of the company is to present Russian directors and stories to the international television and film market. Ethnofund also provides professional assistance to foreign filmmakers when filming in Russia. Ethnofund is operated by Vlad Ketkovich and Maria Chuprinskaya.

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