The partners of the docmonde network

Associative partners

Africadoc Program

Association of Cameroonian Documentary Directors
Africadoc Ivory Coast
Africadoc Burkina Association

Supported by the Ministry of Culture (FONSIC)

Eurasiadoc program

Independent Film Community of Armenia
AG DOK (Germany)
Free Screen

Supported by the Ministry of Culture Armenia, the KinoKentron, the EU Delegation and the AGBU

Supported by the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Supported by Lyon Métropole and the City of Lyon

Creative Lab

Siberian Film Commission

Supported by Ukrainian state film agency

Asiadoc program

Forum Film Dokumenter (Indonesia)

The Forum Film Dokumenter is supported by Taiwan Film Institute and Purin Pictures

Doc Caribbean Amazon Program

Multimedia Video Workshop (French Guiana)

The Multimedia Video Workshop is supported by the CNC, CT Guyane, CT Guadeloupe and France TV

Haiti Docs Program

APACH workshops (Belgium)
MWEM Foundation (Haiti)

The APACH Workshops are supported by the Wallonie Bruxelles International program

Doc OI Program

Asa Sary (Madagascar)

Doc Pacific Program

Festival Anuu-ru aboro (New Caledonia)

Institutional and financial partners

Partner festivals

Partner broadcasters

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