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Joël Tchedre

Joël M'baka Tchedre

Association Togolaise du Cinéma Numérique Ambulant (ATCNA)

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Untitled - 4-08

Felix Mapout

Association of Cameroonian Documentary Directors (ARDC)

Nikolay Bem

Nikolay Bem

Siberian Film Commission

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Vanina Lanfranchi

Multimedia Video Workshop (AVM) Guyana


Lawrence Bitty

Les films du continent

Jean Marie

Jean-Marie Gigon

Sanosi Productions


Maud martin

The image after

Florent Coulon

Florent Coulon

Real Movies

Jerome Amimer 350 * 350

Jerome Amimer

Leitmotif Production

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The coordination team

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Bianca Fontez-Eymenier

Program manager

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