Participating in distribution and promotion

Documentary production wouldn’t be meaningful if the films produced were never seen. Seeking a diverse audience is at the heart of Docmonde’s distribution programme.

Festivals are often the first stepping stones for films, allowing authors and producers to be recognized by film buffs and professionals. The reputation of Docmonde has made it possible to build a large network of partners in Europe and in each of the territories where Docmonde operates. The Estates General of Lussas documentary film is the first partner festival which in 2003 created an Africadoc section which became the Docmonde section in 2014. Other partnerships have been built and make it possible to give visibility to films in Europe (Millenium Festival in Brussels , Dok Leipzig…) but especially in the countries of their authors: Golden Apricot Festival (Armenia), Flahertiana (Russia), FIFAC (Guyana)…
Docmonde has also supported the setting up of major events highlighting the productions resulting from its activities: the Sobatè Meetings created by Africadoc Burkina in Ouagadougou in 2009 and the Documentary Film Festival of Saint-Louis in Senegal, initiated and supported by Docmonde from 2014 to 2017.

Many other distribution initiatives have enabled films to be seen all over the world, starting with creenings organised during the Docmonde screen writing workshops Occasionally open to the public, they encourage the mixing of diverse views and opinions so dear to Docmonde. Of course cinemas remain the ideal place to screen films and Docmonde-member producers do this regularly, during the Mois du film documentaire – Documentary film month – in France, as well as throughout the year often in partnership with international associations.

TV channels are also fundamental to Docmonde’s activities. They often commit to the filmmakers and their producers right from the development phase. TV channels are also essential in reaching a large audience through their digital platforms on the internet. Online broadcasting is currently being developed worldwide and Docmonde has been a partner of the online platform Tënk from its conception, with a section Docmonde that offers a selection of films accompanied by Docmonde.

In keeping with its goal, from creation to screening, Docmonde continues to develop and nurture new partnerships that offer the filmmakers audiences in their home countries as well as the rest of the world. These audiences bring life to the films and in turn experience unique and moving creations.

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